DOM Gallery - An artist-centric platform that gathers and empowers talented artists and designers to grow and to achieve their value at scale.

Dreams Over Money

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How DOM Gallery helps artists:

  1. A professional team from DOM will host a webpage and store on for artists, DOM will assist artists with operation and maintenance of their web properties. With collaborative marketing and promotion, artists will get their shares of sales through DOM.

  2. DOM will provide qualified artists with opportunities to host events at DOM Gallery in one of the most prominent locations in Los Angeles, traveling costs covered by DOM.

  3. DOM will provide artists with professional manufacturing resources to develop premium quality products related to artists’ creations.

  4. DOM will provide professional photography(product shot or lifestyle photos) for artworks and products developed by artists for marketing and promotion purposes.

  5. DOM will provide qualified artists with pop-up shop opportunities.

What DOM expects artists to do:

  1. Artists will build a stable and exclusive cooperative relationships with DOM.

  2. Artists will create an artwork related to DOM with their own unique style, and will give it to DOM as a gift for collection and display.

  3. Artists will make their best efforts with professional standard in creating artworks.

  4. Artists will maximize promotion in channels including social media.

Upon selected, artist shall sign an agreement with DOM which guarantees two years’ online cooperation, which can be extended.

Ok, I'm in, where to start?

Send us an email at with your short introduction and links to your portfolio.


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